Parking ticket during your stay in Denmark

Here you will find the bank account details you will need to pay for your ticket.

Did your get a parking ticket during your stay in Denmark? 

Vehicles registered in another country than Denmark: 

You can make a free SEPA payment to the german (D) bank account if your country of residence isn't listed below. 

Parking in Denmark Bank details

Remember to write the ticket's OCR number in your payment notes!

Vehicles registered in Denmark:

If the parking charge was imposed on a Danish registered vehicle, e.g. a rental car, then the below payment information must be used when making payment from another country than Denmark:

Bank name: Danske Bank
Address: Prinsensgade 11, 9000 Aalborg
IBAN: DK 22 30 00 34 02 18 28 30

Please refer to the number of the parking ticket or the registration number of your car and to the number of the payment form:


Del indhold