Parking in Denmark

Parking restrictions apply in most towns and cities in Denmark.

Did you get a parking ticket during your stay in Denmark?

Here you will find the bank account details you will need to pay for your ticket.

Parking disc

A parking disc must be used at places where it is signposted that parking is time limited and no ticket machine is placed. There must only be one parking disc and this must be clearly displayed in the windshield. The parking disc must have a pointer which must be set at the time of the start of the parking. Further information can be found in the parking disc regulations.

You can get parking discs in banks, gas stations, post offices and tourist offices. 

Parking on streets and in car parks

Parking restrictions apply in most towns and cities in Denmark. Parking regulations are clearly indicated. In areas with free parking time restrictions are always indicated on signs where hours written in black or white refer to workdays, hours in brackets refer to Saturday and hours in red refer to Sunday and holidays.

  • Private car parks have their own parking rules and fees.
  • Stopping is only allowed in the right side of the street and is prohibited on main roads and motorways.
  • It is not permitted to park in a junction within 10 metres from the closest corner of the crosscutting lane or bicycle path. The 10-metre-rule applies to all junctions.
  • Parking is prohibited on cycle paths and pedestrian crossings.
  • Parking is prohibited at bus stops where the kerb is painted yellow or within 12 metres of a bus stop sign

Parking tickets

Unlawfully parked vehicles can result in a ticket.

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Parking Regulations


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